Terrace bamboo Decking 2200 x 140 x 20 mm

Reference: Set-20 Granit Grau


(2,650.00 für 20 qm)

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Our bamboo decking "ComBam" (English Composite Bamboo) is a massive, high density deck board from compressed bamboo strips.

Thus, the bamboo deck board is ideally suited for use in landscaping.

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The special symmetrical shape of the sides offers the possibility to choose between either the ribbed or the flat surface, and allows for quick installation with inox fasteners. Like any untreated tropical hardwood species, when exposed to outdoor circumstances, Bamboo ComBam will turn grey over time creating a very natural look.

BAMBOO - DECKING's  "Combam"

02-CAD drawing profile on bamboo decking02-CAD drawing on bamboo decking head tongue and groove for continuous installation

          02-Logo of the FSC certification        02-Logo eph, development and testing laboratory for wood technology          02-piktogram for Bn s1 / E1 standart / CO² neutral / classe classe 1 and 4, and with 10 year warranty

Set-20 Granit Grau

Data sheet

Gross density Bamboo
1,200 kg/cm³
Länge: + 0,1 %; Breite + 0,9% (24 Stunden in Wasser bei 20°C)
Brinell hardness
9.5 kg/mm² EN-1534
Fire resistance
EN 13501-1-2002 Building material class B1 to DIN 4102 (UK: Standard BS 476 Part 7)
Index Brandverhalten
Slip resistance
EN 1339: 2003: USRV 31 (brushed finish: USRV 38)
Thermischer Emissionsgrad
0,81 (ASTM C1371)
0,32 (ASTM C1549)
Index Reflexionsvermögen
Niedrig 27, Mittel 30, Hoch 33 (ASTM E1980)
Modulus of Elasticity
(EN408): 10737 N / mm²
54,4 N/mm2 (Kennwert - EN 408)
Durability & strength
Class 5 (EN 350)
Surfaces fungal resistance
Class 0 gemäß EN152
Use Class
Class 1 (EN 335)
CO 2 neutral:
LCA Bericht TU Delft (ISO 14040/44)
bamboo outdoor decking
Thermo behandelte Dielen mit 25 Jahren Garantie

Specific References



Garantie f. Terrassendielen

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Verlegung Terrassendiele

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