Bamboo Tree flooring „Fujian“

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Bambootree (solid wide board)

Bamboo Tree is the most authentic bamboo floor imaginable. For this unique product the bamboo stem is flattened with a special process to create the top layer of a three layer solid bamboo floor board. The result is a very robust floor with the natural beauty and original look of the bamboo plant.

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Bamboo Tree Industrially Bamboo installation summary

  • Check room climate conditions (room temp. 18-20°C, air humidity 50-65%).
  • Check subfloor: this should be flat/clean/stable and should not exceed the maximum allowed moisture content (for example 1.8% for sand cement).
  • The floor should be fully glued (for glue details see full version of installation instruction) and can also be installed floating (max width 5m, max length 12m, using expansion gaps).
  • Elastic adhesive systems like 1-component Polyurethane or silan type of adhesives only can be used, when:
  • Shear strength Ts > 1.4 N/mm² (3 days balanced at 23 degrees Celsius/50% Air Humidity)
  • Shear elongation y >=0.5 (3 days balanced at 23 degrees Celsius/50% Air Humidity) Please ask your glue supplier for more information.
  • This floor type can be installed – under certain conditions – on warm water floor heating. See “Crownbamboo flooring and floor heating“.
  • After installation: the surface of the Bamboo Tree is the bark/skin of the bamboo pole and is very hard and dense. To protect it (and especially to close the gaps at the bevel) a floor wax can be applied.


   Bamboo Forest tree parquet from the bamboo stem with tongue and groove    pictogram for the Bamboo forest tree floor

FUJIAN / bf-fbs400

Data sheet

Gross density Bamboo
850 kg/m³
Brinell hardness
9.5 kg/mm² EN-1534
Fire resistance
Class Cfl-s1 (EN 13501-1)
Durability & strength
Class 5 (EN 350)
Use Class
Class 1 (EN 335)
Shrink and swelling
0,14% per 1% change in moisture content
Moisture content
10% at 20 C and 65% rel. Humidity; 8% at 20 C and 50% rel. humidity
thermal conductivity
0,21 W/mK (EN 12667)
Thermal resistance
0,0872 m² K/W (EN 12667)
Emission Formaldehyde
Class E0 ( 0,025 mg/m³) 3*) (EN 717-1)

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