Woven bamboo batten for outdoor use

Reference: Woven-Panda


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The bamboo lamellae bar consists of several layers of bamboo strips that are squandered each other in the horizontal gluing

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With the introduction of the bamboo solid beam, bamboo can now also be applied in several (semi) structural applications such as window- and doorframes, where typically (expensive) scarce tropical hardwood is used. Unlike hardwood, the bamboo solid beam is a very regular material in terms of stability and structure (no knots, no resins coming out) and is therefore easy to process. The maximum length of the beam is 2440mm but by using finger joints any length can be created. The beams are available in the colours caramel and natural, in both the extra hard high density version (tropical hardwood look - random line pattern) and the side/plain pressed version (regular line pattern with bamboo nodes visible). Especially in the latter version, due to the construction in various layers, very beautiful line patterns come out after milling.

E1-Standard   CO² neutral

ComBam-Balken bl-dt261-244

Data sheet

Gross density Bamboo
1,200 kg/cm³
Brinell hardness
9.5 kg/mm² EN-1534
Fire resistance
Brandschutzklasse: EN13501-1: Bfl-s1
Modulus of Elasticity
(EN408): 10737 N / mm²
Durability & strength
Haltbarkeit: Klasse 1 gemäß EN350.Geprüft nach ENV807 und EN113.
Surfaces fungal resistance
Class 0 gemäß EN152
Use Class
Gebrauchs-/Risikoklasse: Klasse 4 in Übereinstimmungmit der Norm EN335. Geprüft nach ENV807, EN113 und EN152.
Shrink and swelling
Differenzielles Quellmaß: 24 Stunden in warmen Wasser:Länge: +0,1%, Breite: +0,9%.
Moisture content
10% at 20 C and 65% rel. Humidity; 8% at 20 C and 50% rel. humidity
Emission Formaldehyde
0.01 mg/m3 (E1 Norm: max. 0.124 mg/m3)
D3 Waterproof

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