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Bamboo facade element

Bamboo x-treme facade elements

The x-treme façade cladding are solid planks for outdoor use and are made from compressed bamboo fiber which is supplemented by an additional thermal treatment of over 200 ° C.
Bamboo x-treme® bamboo fiber facade profiles are solid Woven ComBam bamboo panels made from pressed bamboo fibers. A unique heat treatment compression process gives Bamboo X-treme the highest durability class in EU standards.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on this planet and an abundant building material. All massive bamboo products have a negative CO² output over the entire life cycle, making them the most sustainable alternative to ever-shrinking tropical hardwood.

Fire protection without flame retardant:

In contrast to other wood products, the X-teme® facade elements achieve fire protection class B-s1-d0 (EN 13501-1) and class A (ASTM E84). Thus, it is ideally suited for buildings with high fire protection requirements such as apartments, commercial buildings and gas stations, and also benefit from the beautiful natural look of the facade.

Bamboo X-treme® achieves this extraordinary fire safety without the need for impregnation with expensive and environmentally harmful flame retardants. This makes the product safe for the environment and for the people who work with it during the production and installation process, sustainable, safe and beautiful!

Easy installation and maintenance-free:

X-treme® bamboo elements made of bamboo fibers are available in 2 shapes: rhombus profile and rebate profile. X-treme® bamboo facades in rhombus profile can be laid by screwing the boards. The boards with rebate profile can be easily and quickly mounted with the Cobra clips. With the special clip we offer a sustainable complete solution of natural and attractive facades. The bamboo X-treme® is also available as a complete decking.

Woven ComBam® bamboo facades do not need any regular maintenance after assembly, which saves a great deal of time and money. Bamboo X-treme® bamboo fiber cladding resists temperature variations with virtually no shrinkage and swelling. Thanks to their high stability, the boards stay in position, unlike other natural materials. The unique properties of the material can compete with the best hardwoods. Like all hardwoods, bamboo will turn gray over time, creating an attractive natural look.

The sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood

The use of tropical hardwood is associated with deforestation of forest stands. While tropical hardwood needs up to 80 years to harvest, Moso species bamboo trees for x-treme cladding have matured in 4 to 5 years. After the harvest, the bamboo plant does not die and there is no deforestation. On the contrary, the remaining strains of the mother plant grow even faster and thicker. Thus, the bamboo can be harvested annually and the bamboo forestry is the standard sustainable and fair for the farmers. Crownbamboo bamboo products are the ecological alternative to tropical hardwood and other less environmentally friendly materials.

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Cobra® connection clips and screws

These clips bamboo decking can be installed. Given correct installation a joint of 5-6 mm between the boards produced. The clips are supplied with beipassenden, stainless, black screws in4,5 x 30 mm (Torx 15).

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